CANS – 16oz – Take to-go or enjoy onsite!

– cans are mixed-culture ales fermented in our oak puncheons and naturally conditioned with hyperlocal honey from our neighborhood –

Oyster Mushroom Gose
American Grisette

Draft list Updated 6/29/19

I. Raw Gose -.Salted Sour German Wheat with Lactobacillus and Norwegian Yeast Blend, stainless solera method 6% abv

II – JARROD Mixed Fermentation Pale with Belgian Yeast and house brett blend  / Hops: Azacca, Eukanot, fermented in Rioja puncheons 7% abv

III – Raw Citrus – Raw Ale with Lemon and Key Lime. Lacto / Sacc blend – 6.5% abv

IV –  Berlinerweiss – Tart Wheat with house brett / lactic acid bacteria blend and local wheat, fermented in Rioja puncheons – 6% abv